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Maritime Medical | WFR

In partnership with Maritime Medical Guides, join an immersive Maritime Wilderness First Responder course combining the internationally recognized WFR curriculum with real-world maritime hazards and scenarios.


This program embarks aboard a variety of sailing vessels on a multi-day, in-person educational tour-de San Juan Islands. Students camp on various islands throughout the archipelago, and do skills both onshore and offshore between destinations. Our Maritime Wilderness First Responder course will give you the knowledge and skills to handle a variety of common scenarios that you may face both on land and at sea.



When you’re far from shore, having the appropriate medical training and skills can make or break unexpected critical situations.  During this course our guides will train you how to prevent, manage, and treat a range of common emergencies that you may encounter in the wilderness and maritime setting.


This course combines online self-paced pre-course work with a highly immersive sailing and camping trip in the San Juans.

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