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sailboat in ice

S/V OceanWatch

S/V Ocean Watch is a 64' steel cutter with a history of going places. She has circumnavigated the Americas and has thousands of miles of adventure and expedition under her keel. 

S/V Ocean Watch at sunset with St. Elias mountains in background

We aren't much about sitting still. From exploring our local waters surrounding the San Juan Islands in the Salish Sea, exploring the hidden coves in South East Alaska, or navigating the ice in Prince William Sound, Krüger Sea can take you there. 

Enjoy the comfort on S/V Ocean Watch, our 64' steel cutter, while also finding the edge of discomfort, because you'll go places you never though possible. 

We go places...


Our Destinations

two ravens

We like water: salt water, fresh water, frozen water, falling water. And mountains. And going places where there are lots of both. 

Although S/V Ocean Watch's home port is Orcas Island, Washington, chances are you won't find us there.  Some of our recent trips have included:

Mother's Day Sail: Yellow Island, WA

Sail to Surf: Tofino, Canada

Sail to Ski: Prince William Sound, Alaska

Multi Day Sail: Glacier Bay Nat'l Park, Alaska

Sail to SUP: Patos, Sucia and Stuart Islands, WA

two ravens
two ravens
two ravens
two ravens
two ravens
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